The Sky in March 2010

Mercury is running after the Sun again, therefore it will not be visible for long. At the beginning of the month it will rise as a morning star just before the Sun and later it will be visible in the early evening just after sunset, and in between it will disappear into the rays of the Sun.

Venus will reappear by the end of the month as an evening star visible shortly after sunset.

Mars is still huge and glowing orange in the night sky. It is visible very close to the stars of the Gemini constellation, Castor and Pollux.

Jupiter is eclipsed by the rays of the Sun this month and not visible.

Saturn is growing very strong now and rising shortly after sunset, situated under the hind leg of the Leo constellation.

Monday 1st at 13.28 Mercury enters the sunsign of Pisces.
Sunday 7th at 12.33 Venus enters the sunsign of Aries.
Wednesday 10th at 17.09 Mars becomes stationary to go forward again. After having worked its way backwards from the constellation of Cancer towards Gemini, it will seem to pause and after some days, you will be able to watch it move forwards towards Cancer again.
Monday 15th at 21.01 New Moon in 25° in the sunsign of Pisces, while also being within a degree's distance from Mercury and Uranus, though none of this is visible, as the Sun will always overpower everything else around it.
Wednesday 17th at 16.12 Mercury enters the sunsign of Aries.
Saturday 20th at 17.32 Sun enters the sign of Aries. This is Equinox, the day and the night are of equal length, and in the Northern hemisphere we now enter the summer half of the year.
Monday 22nd evening Saturn is the furthest away from us and away from the Sun, therefore the sunrays will fall on it and light it up to its brightest when looking from our planet.
Thursday 25th 18.30 The Moon is standing just above Mars near the stars of Cancer.
Tuesday 30th at 2.25 Full Moon at 9° in the sunsign of Libra.
Wednesday 31st at 17.35 Venus enters the sunsign of Taurus.

all times are in GMT                 See GMT times converted to your local time.

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