Sunsign forecast
for November 2010

Love, yes it is a peculiar being, and it becomes even weirder this month, because the beloved will appear very important and visible and at the same time seem to disappear into his/her own world for a time. Maybe it is actually you, who do not see him/her clearly, but your partner also has a need for some time to themselves to reflect on actions and developments. It is necessary to take a step backwards in the relationship and dig out something from the oblivion of your subconscious. Something needs to be reconsidered, before you can move forward with your relationship. Or maybe not so much be considered mentally, but it needs time to settle into your emotions, so that it will re-emerge into the daylight as a more whole understanding of where you are going with your life together. Do not allow the emotions to get the overhand and throw everything away around the Full Moon on the 21st; that is not necessary.

When next month arrives everything will appear more straightforward and clear, and if there are any decisions to be made, this is a good time to make them.

Meanwhile much of your conscious focus will be on financial matters and business transactions, especially in the first days, when there are good deals to be made.

Something about the family is in need of attention at the moment; something which you have not fully comprehended or taken the right action for. This is the month to tidy this up and make your viewpoints clear, though it may at times cause disagreements, which must be overcome.

Renewals in the home will have to wait a moment while there are lots of other things to take care of first.

You could bring your good ideas up from the subconscious and receive recognition as well as money for them around the 10th.

Mid-month you will have an especially close relationship to your beloved, and as you have lots of energy at the moment it can also become very passionate. However this energy can also be used to further your key issues and make an impact in the world.

It is about time that you plot your course in life and allow your views to be known amongst a wider public. Perhaps you really do have the key to understanding the problems in society; this could be within the area of pollution or finance crisis or politics generally; but you also know, that it will demand a long and exhausting engagement to bring just a few of your visions into being. However if anyone can do it, it is you. Because only you will have the perseverance that is needed here. Maybe this is your karma, your inspiration to breathe and get out of bed in the morning, your true vocation. The drive is there, and these years could see you succeed, if this is where you choose to aim your focus.

Now the two slow visitors to your sign are finally turning straight again for the last time, and it will never be any better than now. Time for healing and for experiencing a deep emotional contact with the people, who are important to your life. But it is also the time to pull out your talents and to do something constructive with them. They are presents just for you, which it is a shame to ignore. This is also the time when you could just become a tiny bit famous for the things you know and are capable of.

There is also a possibility for foreign affairs. A group-travel could bring you much joy, because it is in the eyes of other people that you can mirror your thoughts and visions.

You were never promised that the world would be an easy place. But it will become a bit easier, a bit more manageable, when your ruler Jupiter turns direct in your sign. At least you probably will not be tripping over your own feet so much. Yes you could even obtain a better position in society, the career could suddenly move forwards. But… then there is also Uranus, close by Jupiter and up to its tricks. Whatever Uranus comes up with is always a surprise, even to astrologers. This will become even more apparent during the next month.

Meanwhile you could perhaps enjoy yourself with a small journey, but you may also choose to widen your horizons with an exciting course or workshop.

This seems to be reminding you of something, you already knew

Something is brewing in your sphere of goals and careers, and it could have far reaching consequences for yourself and for people around you.

Are you maybe considering a political career or progress in this arena? If so you could take the right steps just now, and your charisma will bring you success. There is probably also help from a person who has spotted your potential and wants to bring you forwards.

You could also make yourself noticed within the troubled financial markets.

Your own thoughts are often in foreign places or with foreign people; you are drawn to travelling and meeting people from other cultures, whether it is a useful business connection or a serious lover and partner.

You feel very romantic at the moment, but you may not be quite sure, why - or who is bringing these feelings forwards. It could be something from your past, which you remember a bit too well. So you will have to analyse, whether this was actually something to work and build on, or whether it was more a dream and illusion. You will not reach a clear conclusion on this matter till the end of the month.

On the other hand this could also indicate, that a friend or partner needs your help, maybe they are not so healthy at the moment, so you will have to take over.

Around the 5th it could all be too much for you, if somebody just says the wrong thing, you might feel deeply hurt. However the pressure will ease up later in the month, when you can express yourself better.

You are in a working mode and get a lot of things done, but not without the assistance of a business partner or a mentor, who will help you find the right path in the loads of options. This person is probably more of an optimist than you and has a clearer view of things. Though he/she may also surprise with unexpected and radical suggestions. However that might not be a bad thin gin this period.

From the 8th your focus will turn towards your partner or possible partners, and even though you are a bit more serious than normal, you still seem to meet many new people and you feel very outgoing. However it is not easy to agree on much, when there is a career at stake.

You are a bit overshadowing in the area of love, which might hurt other people more than you intended. Perhaps you are not appreciating the gifts from the other part, and should consider an other angle to matters?

It is especially important how you relate to your partner around the 10th, because there is the seed to your future; there is something about destiny written into those days. It is also possible that your partner will make some decisions, which has consequences.

Work abroad can bring more joy and fun than home matters, where things have stagnated a bit. But you may just be too busy having fun amongst the many and neglect the few, who are close to you.

However times are changing towards taking your tasks serious.

Your home is in focus and there is plenty to take care of, while the career is just marking time anyway.

The family and the past suggest there is something you should approach with the older generations, dig a bit deeper into, so that you will gain a better understanding around yourself and your choices. Though it is never easy to meet others in deep and emotional talk, as you actually are very emotional yourself and always wanting the best for everybody. The waves might grow tall but they will ease again.

On the other hand you could go far with a partner on the psychological level, where it is about the deeper understanding of your relationship, but it could also lead to a few saucy and exciting experiences.

End of the month is 'playtime'.

You are expressing yourself clearly and direct at the moment, perhaps too direct, as it may surprise some, but they might also appreciate knowing exactly where you are at. However there are some people who may feel their toes have been stepped on, and they may react by criticising you as a person. Just see it for what it is.

There could be some surprises from friends, and there is certainly a surprise in the area of love, some thing is gonna have a deeper impact on you, than you expected, and it may shake your opinion of yourself and how you express your emotions. But perhaps emotions should be replaced with passion; let it loose, and you will open a door to your own inner beauty.

Later in the month is time to think more of the family and what they really have to offer you.

It is not exactly the time for investments, certainly not in the bigger financial dreams, but you could invest more time in the family; they need it, because life has not been too easy for them either lately. And there is light ahead, a clearer vision why you were born into exactly that family, and you may be able to clarify your family-karma.

You have neglected doing something for yourself lately, and there is a need to bring it up and sort it out within your mind. It may be time that you start loving yourself, so that you can become a whole human being again.

By the end of the month things will flow better and you can start making plans actually happen.

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