Hey and welcome to the Age of Aquarius! Well the month of Aquarius indeed, but there is something much more in motion here than what will just influence the world for this month.
When Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars. And you know what, the Jupiter is aligning with Mars right here and now, to be precise on the17th of February, and in the sign of Aquarius! And wouldn’t it be a wonderful thought, if that would spell the end to the fighting and the beginning of peace and love between nations throughout the world? The visions of aquarius manifested in humanitarian concerns overriding the greed and the power struggles?
Many serious astrologers can tell you, that technically we still have a while to go before we enter the Age of Aquarius, but maybe this month can spell just a Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, which is really what the song talks about, the dawning of a global consciousness, that wants and works for peace and compassion.
And if the Aquarians are ever gonna get their visions through, then this is as good a time as any, they are gonna get, because half the planets in our solar system are falling over each other in their sign, there is hardly anything left for the rest of us.
Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron and also the Moon node are all in Aquarius. The Moon was there and new on the 26th of January, which also created a solar eclipse, and eclipses always sets a series of events in motion for the whole cycle, be it for better or worse, and it can often culminate on the Full Moon. And we do have an explosive one this month, but more so, because we also have the repeated opposition of the planets Saturn and Uranus, the old and the new ruler of the sign of Aquarius, older and newer gods, and we see this fight in everything going mad on this planet at the moment, the struggles between the old and the new, rigid stagnant structures and the need for renewal and visionary thinking.
We need to stop fighting over this planet or bits of it, and start working together to save what is left of our beautiful nature. I wonder, what the bombs fired in the Middle East lately are doing to our ozone layer? Not to take the attention away from the human suffering, that it causes. This can not continue.
Jupiter is also meeting up with Neptune later into the spring, and this is a meeting of the two planets most connected with religion and their practise, the more formal and ritual part, and the more sensing to make your own way to the true nature of Spirit. Maybe together in Aquarius they can show the way for a new and more open-minded view on religion and spirituality, which can be all-embracing. There is room for all the faiths and practises, if we just respect each other in doing so. At the end of the day we are all striving for the same aims, but there are many pathways there, and who can judge between them?
So you can each make an impact here. On such an auspicious time, with so much motion pointing in the same direction, if every one of you out there make a conscious decision with the help of these magnificent planetary energies this month, to move your consciousness and actions into line with aquarian visions of humanitarian and planetary needs and progress, then wheels will turn, because this is a time for mind over matter, and the word will manifest in the Earth. We have more power than we are aware.

© Loné Bxxx Whitestar

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