Signs & Secrets of the Glastonbury Zodiac

An Anthology from the Maltwood Moot


Yuri Leitch, editor and artist

With contributions from Paul Weston, John Wadsworth, Hank Harrison, Coleston Brown, Alan Royce, Shirley Whitton, David Hatfield, Emma Stow, Yuri Leitch, Tim & Sophie Knock, Bahli Mans Morris, Casey Jon, Jan Roberts, Lone Bang, Gail Cornwell, Celia Thomas, Vicki Burke, Francesca LaFae, Katharine Maltwood, Beth Heatley.
Published by Avalonian Aeon Publications, 2013.

SIGNS & SECRETS OF THE GLASTONBURY ZODIAC is an anthology created by a diverse group of multi-talented enthusiasts inspired by the classic, Anthony Roberts-edited compilation, Glastonbury: Ancient Avalon, New Jerusalem. As above so below. "Our land is the image of heaven". Corpus Hermeticum. Asclepius. A psychogeographical Arthurian Grail extravaganza. Features Investigations into a mysterious past, intimations of an inspirational future. History, poetry, magic, mysticism, myth, music, art. Astrological gnosis. Personal transformation. Available through Amazon or direct from Loné Bang and other contributors.

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