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Sunsign forecast
for Year 2008


Achievements: You will be focussed on work and making things happen for yourself in July-August, maybe you take advantage of all the people being on holyday at that time and make your money from them. It could be very prosperous for you. December is the time to further your knowledge and heighten your aspirations. New Year could surprise you with a bonus or sudden recognition. Don’t make risky deals involving other people in November, they might not be real.
Travel and hobbies: Early summer looks very active for you, but travel is most likely in December.
Home and family: In the spring you will think of improvements to your home. If you are looking to move, April would be the best time. In May and June you might be needed by your children to help make sense of their friendships and possible disappointments. It is also necessary to look at their spending.
Friendships: You will act quieter than normal and be standing back at the start of the year, you really need to think deeply about things and why you act, like you do; you do have a tendency of leaping too fast, before anyone around you are ready for it. But things soon pick up and you will have lots to say and very fast. Give people a chance to catch it, before you move on to the next subject. The autumn will see much more activity with friends and meeting people, who will inspire you and stretch your imaginations.
Love: September is the romantic month of the year, and you finally give yourself time to enjoy the possibilities and nurture your relationship, which may have surprising new angles to it, now that you make time to talk.


Achievements: If you are planning new business ventures and expansions, then February is the time to draw up the papers and clinch the deal, while March is when it will all come into being for you, and you will have success and earn money from maybe unexpected sources, and in June you will be prosperous too. In September there will be a need to get down and do some serious work, the duties feel heavier, as you will be more in the mood for escaping, but you would have to combine business with pleasure for that to be practical. You may find fulfilment of your dreams by December.
Money: In March there could be financial rewards from work with groups, courses or workshops, and May seems prosperous and consolidating. In September you could have a wage-rise.
Travel and hobbies: February and November are excellent for widening your horizons in those far away exotic places, you might find a deep connection there.
Home and family: The summer offers some free time to spend with the family and making sure, the children are happy and settled within their schools and friendships. A holyday together could happen in August, when everybody is relaxed. In September there are suggestions of new starts for the whole family, new jobs or education, and the financial situation changes with it.
Love and Friendships: May will be a stable time in good company. August is the time for settling down in your relationship, while autumn looks to be your most romantic time, and if you are still single then, there might be new love found through your work. November looks passionate too.


Achievements: It is a good time for furthering your knowledge of the healing professions and the various ways of helping people to heal themselves at the beginning of this year; your own life will improve from it. In the spring creative ideas could become part of your career and future in ways, which will get you out amongst bigger crowds, maybe via the media.
Money: It is not advisable to make business investments involving other people in July, nor is lending or borrowing money. Keep things separate.
Travel and hobbies: This winter you could be returning to where you long to be, you have unfinished business there, and going will set you free.
Home and family: Family and duty seems to be linked in august, an elderly family member needs you. While home, you might run into an old flame. There could be important things to talk about, and many misunderstandings can be resolved and resentments put to rest. In the autumn your children have difficult commitments and need a bit of support.
Friendships: June is not as easy flowing as usual, you have trouble expressing yourself clearly and come across to people different from the intention, which can lead to misunderstandings. If possible, bite your time, and communications will improve by summer solstice.
Love: You might have a romantic encounter around Easter, maybe in connection with your work; it is certain that you will meet new people that way and form good connections for success. July could be a bumpy ride, when you will feel further away from your partner than you want to, on a physical or an emotional level. December could see a new or strengthened partnership, however this could be a business partnership.


Achievements: A slow start to the year, you find yourself stopped, before you get started. Issues involving other people may not be open and clear, and you should wait, till you know the full picture. This will be in March and April, which is an excellent time for making decisions on your business or future, and setting things in motion. In December you have to work more, than you would have liked.
Money: In August you feel confident and financially stable, but investments could prove less profitable, than anticipated, so hold back, probably September is a better time.
Travel and hobbies: March could see that adventurous journey with unexpected new experiences. In September is also a pull to get away, but commitments may hold you back, maybe involving your partner rather than your self. In May, July and November you will be quite energetic and up for doing things, that will give you fun with other people around.
Home and family: In the spring and autumn you should be taking time for your family, though you might be too busy with all your friends in the springtime. And there could be some changes to your home situation at these times.
Friends: Friends are an important part of your life this year, and they will draw you out from your safe shell more often and get you to come and play, which will be good for you.
Love: There is possibly much activity on the partnership-front and love. There could be endings and new beginnings in January, July, September or November, or your relationship could transform and enter a new and deeper level. Marriage is on the cards, if you are single, especially in September or next Yuletime.


Achievements: There is serious work to be done in January, and it doesn’t provide for the best of fun, but all in good time. May is your most successful and prosperous period, where you can turn your time into gold. Remember to bank it, because it is time for building up your foundations, especially if you have your own business.
Money: This year is about consolidating your finances, and you will do well, if you bear that in mind, but it is not the year for frivolous and impulsive spending.
Travel and hobbies: April sees excellent opportunities for travelling, but also May and June are good, and take the family along. December will be the time where you feel able to have the most light-hearted fun.
Home and family: Home seems to be linked to duties at the moment, there might be some work some work that needs doing or the family simply needs more support at home, though you are always out there working and providing for them. In November you must make time, and you will feel much better for it.
Love and Friendships: February is a time for picking up your friendships and find time for the ones, you are missing, they will enhance your life in mysterious ways. There are interesting relations going on in March, though it seems to involve business ventures or partners. It would seem that love and partnership is connected to business partners or joint investments this year, and it has brilliant prospects in September, while there are grounds for caution in March and November. December is the time for a new flirt, if you are single.


Achievements: You are working hard pushing yourself to the limits, demanding more of your self than anyone else would. This is alright while you are strong, but towards November you should take care, that you don’t get seriously stressed. You can reach great achievements in August.
Money: The finances are flying in September, but then there seems to be a slowdown. Some payments are late coming in, which can give you a problem, if you have not got something set aside for such situations, or you have forgotten some paperwork and need to get it in quick, maybe you have not done the accounts in time.
Travel and hobbies: April – May gives you the best times away, a real adventure, maybe even romance thrown in.
Home and family: Raising a family can be serious business, and it is for you during this year, as they will come for your help and support many times, especially in August getting ready for a new year of education. But your Virgo nature will know how to help and structure their work and future. Make sure, you can spend enough time at home with the family next December, they feel a bit left out, because you have been putting a lot of time into your work.
Love and Friendships: March is a lovely time for romance, and maybe you will meet a new love, if you are single, or you will suddenly see new sides of your lover, which you had not seen before, and it will rekindle the passion. Also May has interesting prospects. There is a wobble in your friendships in November, they need you at a time, where you are already stretched, so they blame you, and it can lead to disagreements.


Achievements: March is the time to put in the work, though you might find it a bit stressful, while around midsummer, you will reap the rewards of your hard work, and you will gain recognition.
Money: January is prosperous for you and in the autumn you can really build up your savings.
Travel and hobbies: If your home was really in an other place, there is a strong urge to go back to visit there in February and again in November. At the end of winter when spring enters the land, that is a time, when you will have good inspiration for art, painting or music; it will flow for you then. A holyday is there for you in June or July
Home and family: February and March is a period, where your focus will be much on the family and children, building on your foundations and safe surroundings to nourish and protect the little ones. You are not feeling much supported in this by your partner at this time. However it is important for your self too, that you spend this time together.
Friendships: April and September will be the most active for you in seeing many people and feeling amongst friends.
Love: The break of spring will set your heart fluttering and your dreams flying out to meet the right one. Whether short or long term encounter, the meeting will bring healing and you will move forward with confidence and a sense of freedom. Love is having good aspects in September, where everything combines to make you feel very happy and content. Your lover is there with you, and together you will explore the wider aspects of partnership and care.


Achievements: In May and June you should push to achieve, what you want, which somehow is deeply connected to something, you have already done before in the past. Which past? You will know. So it doesn’t feel new, but familiar, and is, what should happen. However your family might not recognise this.
Money: December is the time to actively improve and stabilise your finances, build up for the future, so that you don’t put your self in a tricky situation again.
Travel and hobbies: There is a pull to travel in the spring, unfortunately the finances are not quite up for it, so you either have to limit your desires and your self or go in the knowledge, that you are putting yourself in a difficult situation, which you will have to face on your return.
Friendships: You can be dark and brooding, which makes some people misunderstand your true nature. You could attempt to be more open and express yourself with a bit of diplomacy, it would win you not just friends, but more people would listen and agree. During March things will ease up, but only if you allow them. July and August will feel like hard work as far as friends and acquaintances go, and it is because you don’t express your self in a way, that makes people listen and understand. If you are involved in groups and bigger projects, friction is the likely outcome. During autumn things will flow better.
Love: September is the month for love and happiness, as things will feel more balanced and sweet around you, while throughout the autumn you will feel more at ease with yourself. If you are single, a surprise encounter, when you are not looking, may bring you more than expected.


Achievements: It feels like hard work getting anywhere with your goals, but it is worth it in the end, as you will reap the fruits of exactly, what you put in, so push for more, especially in late summer, where your potential is huge, as long as you stay focussed.
Money: You are facing a prosperous year for earning money and even making wise investments as long as you do think before you leap, especially this winter and in September, while July might be the time, when you should just leave things a bit, certainly where other people are involved in the transactions.
Travel and hobbies: Holydays are not highest on your agenda this year, but you may travel if it has a special purpose; the best time for business travel would be May, August or September. May and June are good for getting out and having some fun, maybe on adventure sports.
Home and family: You are restless and things are still not settled on the home-front, it seems to be more of a faze in your life than a temporary blip. It is in your nature to want changes, so this is just keeping you on your toes. Be careful not to overspend on things for the home, or new homes, in November it looks like you are stretching your self.
Love and Friendships: April brings the full experience of romantic spring and happy days in the sun. In July you might feel a bit far from each other, whether you are going different ways for the summer, or you want different things and feel unable to talk about it, but if you don’t, you will by September. December will see passion and closeness blossoming, maybe with new people, if you are single.


Achievements: If you are thinking of embarking on a higher education, September has just the right aspects for it, so go enrol on that course right away. It might take commitment and endurance, but it will be worth it in the end. But you should be able to achieve most anything you set your eyes on in that period. You could also take on teaching others, if that is what you are ready for in your life.
Money: Money are alright, though maybe not abundant this year, you seem to have a nose for the right investments or deals, so if careful, you can do well. Be careful with what you sign in November, it could take a legal dispute to sort out any mistakes made here.
Travel and hobbies: Your focus might lie in foreign parts, and if you have business there, August and September is a good time to go, but not November, and you will enjoy taking a partner or associate, or you might meet somebody there, who will sweeten your stay. You could also visit your homeland, if that is far away from where you are now. For a relaxing holyday, you should rather aim for May, which promises the best time with pleasant pursuits, good food and company.
Home and family: Your family might travel to come and see you in the summer, since you are a bit scarce with your visits.
Friendships: You make friends through travelling or working with people from other nations.
Love: Love can blossom in January, May and late summer, when circumstances might bring you away from home and closer together.


Achievements: You can carry some weight and impress in March, when you will have a magical influence on people around you without quite knowing why, maybe you just feel stronger and better inside, but you also prove your worth at work. Also October has good prospects for business deals.
Money: Money are not that stable at the moment, however the beginning of the year can bring an improvement, but try to hang on to them and don’t act impulsively. November could be difficult, and you don’t quite know, where things are going, so be careful, on the other hand, you might suddenly receive some money, you did not expect.
Travel and hobbies:Your best time for a holyday is June or the autumn. In May and June you want more freedom, but it is not the right period for it; the autumn has much better possibilities of time off and having some fun and games with other people.
Home and family: In May you might go and see your family and hear some of the old stories or even secrets, get to know your family history better. It is also a good time to make improvements at home, some new colour would do good.
Love and Friendships: In February and March you will feel at one with your partner, and you will have dreams and plan your future together. This is also a period, when you are popular with your friends. In June you could have romantic times, but the dreams might be a bit ungrounded. In September there could be disagreements due to money, so make sure you know, who is spending what. The end of the year will bring the romance back in focus.


Achievements: You have visions for a better world. But to manifest even parts of that dream, you must bring it to bigger groups of people. They will listen with fascination, if you communicate right.
Money: You are spending too much on your home at the start of the year, maybe you are moving too often, and it digs in to your finances. In May and June you will earn good money, but over the summer you may well spend them on or with a partner.
Travel and hobbies: You could have great journeys in July and August with a partner or friend, it looks like you really can escape it all in that period.
Home and family: May and June is a good time for going back to your family. If you are thinking of moving again, then Midsummer time has the best prospects.
Friendships: You are making many new friends, going far and wide, joining groups, maybe you spend the summer in camps and festivals, and you will learn much from these encounters. You have a desire to break free of the constraints of society, which will lead you to seek out new ways of living and relating to others.
Love: Love is a many splendid thing, but to you it often means restrictions and duties, which is the case through much of this year. You can choose to be single to avoid this situation, but you also have less fun. Your nature is to share, just not all the time, you also have a need for solitude. Look for more balance, which can only happen with the right partner. Meanwhile you are gonna have fun in July, when you will not worry about the consequences. There is some drive to make firmer commitments though, and it could happen in August, but you might also run away.

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