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Loné Bang
[m.o. D.A.F. Denmark]

    Welcome to 2014    

And welcome to new beginnings.

This is a New Moon on the first day of the year, and I can only say, that it looks like fireworks. There are things destined to happen in the coming year, in society as well as in our individual lives, some of which we will have no control over, and some, which it will be up to us to steer in the right direction for us.

There will be opportunities for making choices, and then it is up to us to make the right choices. It is a very powerful energy if used with intent and progressively, take the reins and make things happen in your life! But it demands an effort on your part and it demands a clear focus. This is the time when the tough gets tougher and the weak will not have a lot of say in the world.

As for myself I will make it a time to get back and renew my astrological work. I have many things to cover in the daily life, being at university studying to be an archaeologist, so my efforts will be uneven, sometimes I have lots of time, sometimes I have none. I declare it my intent to make my astrological work a high priority in my life, after the studies, and be ready to take on clients and help people unravel the tangled web of their lives and inner souls. We all need to find our own center and our path in life.

I will start by getting my website updated and renewed, and I intend to write a forecast for the year of 2014. Look back in and it will appear on these pages very soon. There will also be a web-shop appearing in due course. Due to exams on the horizon I can predict, that it will be the last week of January before I will have much free time to spend on the astrology, and by then I shall have time to take on clients for personal consultations and get things moving. Imbolc-time should see me ready and active on this front.

With lots of Love and Light for the coming Year

Loné and Whitestar.

I am Loné and I offer you face to face readings of your horoscope with the potential for a deep psychological analysis.

Based on years of experience and good training in my homeland of Denmark, I can give you a unique insight into your self and how you relate to other people around you. I can tell you about your strengths and weaknesses, and how to build on the positives. I can give you guidance on finding your path in life, both on a practical and a spiritual level.

All birth-charts are hand drawn. And the consultations are taped for you.

I live and work in Glastonbury, southwest England, but can sometimes be found in the Copenhagen area of Denmark, and will hold consultations in both places.

Mail order readings can now be ordered for those of you, who live too far away for a personal consultation.

Mail order readings
We are currently preparing to be able to record horoscope readings onto CD's and send them all over the world.
We will announce it here, when it is available, but you are welcome to get your order in early.
Some p&p will have to be added to the price.
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